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    Unlock your business power

    Looking to structure your business and be on top of things?

    I will help you do just that. Subscribe and get access to instructions videos of how to set up Asana for your specific business.

    The key is to do the right things at the right moment. For that, you need a structure that works for you.

    You will also create an overview of what is going at the moment. You will learn the following:

    * How to install a financial dashboard
    * How to install an operational dashboard

    In the end, you will maximize your time and energy with the optimal use of Asana, making your business work for you!

    €165per month

    What's included:

    How to ... tutorials

    You will get access to practical 'how to-videos' which will take you step by step through the process.

    There are instructions videos for setting up Asana or for more advanced concepts like setting up financial or operational dashboards.

    The group coaching sessions are recorded and will be available here as well.

    • Why you need a project management system
    • How to set up Asana
    • How to use Asana in the right way
    • How to install the right dashboards
    • Unlimited Access
    • Content & Email Newsletter

    Group Coaching

    Zoom Q&A session where we discuss how you can improve the use of Asana in your business, where we share some cool hacks and ways of doing things.

    • Meet fellow entrepreneurs
    • Highly practical stuff
    • Get your burning question(s) answered!
    • 1 session per month
    • Online